I want a Nightwing series based off of Chuck Dixon’s run.

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I sick and tired of seeing people claim that The Dark Knight Rises was a terrible film. Yes, it was flawed, but from the way people talk you’d think that it was on par with Batman & Robin.


What if the reason DC refuses to give Nightwing any creative push whatsoever is because the don’t want a character named Dick to be one of their most successful properties?

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I find it funny that Dick’s mother and Bette have the same first and middle name: Mary Elizabeth.

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Anonymous asked: Is this blog dead?

Been busy. And i dont really get many submissions. But it is not dead!!!

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I always thought that it was sad that Robin didn’t get to fight drugs with the rest of the Teen Titans.

I think that the Robin costume that Steph wore in “World Without Young Justice” is better than the one she wore in the mainstream universe.

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I’m not fond of Dick’s Roma heritage. I’m all for diversity, but I don’t think that slapping a label on a white guy and then proceeding to ignore most of the implications of being part of that group is the way to do it


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